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Patient Satisfaction, More Financial Security

All therapists and dentists from uHealthPlan achieve financial security by giving patients more motivation to obtain services on a regular basis. With this, they receive a steady flow of monthly income while enjoying high customer satisfaction rates.

Joining uHealthPlan

Offer flexible payment plans to your patients

Offering your services

Receive a predictable monthly income

Income security and Customer satisfaction

Spend more time with your patients and increase their satisfaction rate

Why uHealthPlan is good for you and your patients?

uHealthPlan takes time to listen to you and to your clients needs. We make sure your income is protected and your patient is given great care and attention. With us, you enjoy the following benefits:

 1. Predictable monthly income – Our main goal is to help you achieve financial freedom and income security all throughout your stay with us.

 2. Better administration – As your business partner, we let you focus more on what you do as a therapist or dentist by taking charge of the business side of your practice. We’ll do the tough tasks so you can have more time for your clients or patients.

 3. Regular attendance from your patients – We make sure you have a steady stream of active members who will regularly get services from you.

 4. Business support tools and expertise for your business – We have a team of experienced marketing experts who will give you support whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you need help in creating a website or designing plans for your clients, we have the tools necessary to achieve your business and marketing goals.

 5. Helping your business succeed is what we do best!